"I expressly declare that I am a professional," said Rini Soemarno in an interview with one of the national private television channels monitored in Jakarta on Monday night.
Jakarta (ANTARA) -
State Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Rini Soemarno has stressed that she w is a professional, has never been involved in politics and never been a member of any political party.

"I expressly declare that I am a professional. I have been a possible sympathizer, but never a member of a political party," said Soemarno in an interview with one of the national private television channels in Jakarta on Monday night.

Soemarno said that with her professional attitude, she also possessed a black-and-white attitude; so, it would be tough to face gray political problems.

The Minister of SOEs also acknowledged that the most difficult thing would be if she could do something to reduce the burden on the community but had to grapple with political problems instead.

She said that if she and her line of ministries do their best for the nation, then Allah would show them the way.

In the previous interview, Soemarno had stated that various SOEs in the country must return to their khittah in accordance with what is contained in Article 2 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 19 of 2003 concerning State-Owned Enterprises.

"I remind the directors of SOEs that SOEs must return to their khittah. It must be clear what their function is," said the Minister of BUMN.

Soemarno said that President Joko Widodo, when appointing her as Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, had advised the SOEs to be truly professional and transparent and to contribute to the nation.

Following this, Soemarno said she had really studied SOEs, especially those contained in the legislation of Law No. 19/2003 with BUMN.

Soemarno said that in Article 2 of Law No. 19/2003, it is clear that the purpose and objective of establishing SOEs is to contribute to the national economic development in general and state revenues in particular, to pursue profits, to organize public benefits in the form of high-quality goods and / or services and provide adequate fulfillment to the lives of many people.

Then, she said, SOEs must also aim at pioneering business activities that cannot be carried out by the private sector and cooperatives, as well as actively provide guidance and assistance to weak economic entrepreneurs, cooperatives and communities.


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