Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Democratic Party (PD) leader Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) has instructed all of the party's cadres and executive board members to keep monitoring Indonesia's current condition amid the General Elections Commission's (KPU) ongoing vote counting process.

In a letter that he directed to the party's secretary general, several other executive board members, and the leader of the party's Joint Command (Kogasma), Yudhoyono also urged all cadres not to get involved in any act of violating Indonesia's Constitution.

The party's deputy general chairman, Syarief Hasan, confirmed here on Thursday evening that the letter containing four points, including a warning for all cadres to avoid any activity violating the state's constitution and other laws, was sent by Yudhoyono.

This sixth president who ruled Indonesia for 10 years further warned that the post-election situation has looked tense and is potentially able to turn to be a direction that could harm the country's security and political life.

If the situation gets worse and moves towards a conflict and crisis that may harm the country, the cadres are asked to report it to the party leader immediately, Yudhoyono said.

In connection with this democratic process, Indonesian Police Chief General Tito Karnavian appealed to all parties to end the mobilization of supporters to revel in their vouched victory or to echo discontent over the outcome of Wednesday's elections.

During a conversation with newsmen after a coordination meeting held to ensure security after the elections here, Karnavian noted that the police had dispelled crowds rejoicing in the claimed win at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday.

"We will work on dispersing the crowds mobilized by the duo competing camps similar to the protocol followed at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout yesterday. I have appealed to all regional police chiefs to adopt a similar measure in their respective areas," he noted.

He further appealed to people of the country to be appreciative of the entire election process and to consider the General Elections Commission's (KPU's) real count as a reference, he remarked, adding that the Indonesian military and police were adept at spotting untoward developments.

The police will make all-out efforts to ensure optimal law enforcement against those intending to hinder stability, security, and social order of community members.

Translator: Rahmad Nasution
Editor: Bambang Purwanto
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