Indonesia-Malaysia joint border patrols to kick off

Indonesia-Malaysia joint border patrols to kick off

Putussibau, Kapuas Hulu, W Kal (ANTARA) - The Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) and the Malaysian Armed Forces (TDM) will be jointly patrolling the mutual land borders of both nations.

The joint patrolling was initiated, with the TNI and TDM soldiers partaking in a ceremony organized in the square of the tactical command of the Raider 301/Pks Raider Infantry Battalion task force in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan Province, on Tuesday (Apr 23).

Commander of the Putussibau District Military Lieutenant Colonel Basyanuddin remarked on Wednesday that Commander of 121/Abw Military Resort Brigadier General Bambang Trisnohadi led the opening ceremony, with the ranks and files of the military resort and state officers assigned at the borders in attendance.

Commander of 10 RRD Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Anuar and Command of Lubok Anti Major Sebastien were the top-ranking officials, who represented the TDM at the ceremony.

"Commander of the 121/Abw military resort led the opening ceremony for coordinated patrolling organized on Tuesday (Apr 23)," Basyaruddin remarked.

While addressing the attendees at the ceremony, the 121/Abw military resort commander noted that joint patrolling, serving as one of the forms of cooperation for protecting mutual land borders, specifically for increasing physical border security, will be organized biannually.

"This (joint patrolling) is a materialization of the cooperation between both nations to secure land borders. Through this cooperation, we are optimistic of always securing the border areas," he added.