Bandung (ANTARA) -- Indonesian state-owned enterprise focused on vaccine development, Bio Farma, join forces with World Health Organization (WHO), philantropy foundation founded by Bill & Melinda Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), and global health organization, PATH to develop new vaccines and other healthcare products specifically designed to ensure the eradication of polio by 2020.

Bio Farma CEO, M. Rahman Roestan said, the latest generation of polio vaccine (nOPV) research will include the vaccine technology development, clinical test phase 1-3, and the production process.

"Bio Farma has been collaborating with BMGF since 2012 in the area of technology transfer of new generation products, such as nOPV vaccine," said Rahman after welcoming the BMGF delegation at the Bio Farma Headquarter in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Wednesday.

On the Annual Meeting IMF-World Bank 2018 held in Bali, October 2018, BMGF conveyed its wish to expand the cooperation with the Indonesian SOE.

Worldwide known for its ultimate concern to the global health, BMGF believes that vaccine is the most effective tool to prevent disease. Therefore, BMGF never ceases to seek the right and competent partners to make the world a better place.

"The cooperation has been running for the last five years," continued Rahman.

BMGF has been playing pivotal role in orchestrating the healthcare solutions throughout the world. The Indonesian Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani, on the Annual Meeting IMF-world Bank Group 2018, said that BMGF will provide support for Bio Farma to develop vaccine products.

"The aim is clear; to enable vaccine production independence. Indonesia is believed to be able to become an important player in the vaccine industry," Sri asserted.

Director of Planning and Development Bio Farma, Adriansjah Azhari, said that the nOPV research was started off with the technology transfer effort.

"It will be embarked with the research, technology transfer, production process, and 3-phase clinical test. We hope this will deepen Bio Farma's vaccine portfolio and we also can increase our competitiveness by optimizing the time-to-market," said Adriansjah.

The new portfolio not only will enable Bio Farma to deepen its offerings to the market, but also will help expand its market share. On 2019, Bio Farma aims to penetrate more markets, such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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