Jambi provincial government hails investment to build LPG gas refinery

Jambi provincial government hails investment to build LPG gas refinery

Jambi (ANTARA) - The Jambi provincial government has responded positively to the private sector's investment in constructing an LPG gas refinery in Jambi.

"We welcome PT Yudistira Energi Group, one of the companies engaged in the field of LPG gas refineries, for investing in Jambi Province," Jambi Governor Fachrori Umar remarked at a meeting with the PT Yudistira Energi Group at the Jambi governor's office, here, Friday.

The Jambi provincial government will assist firms seeking to cooperate with the local government for gas management.

Furthermore, Umar is upbeat that firms looking to collaborate will constantly prioritize the welfare of the surrounding community.

"They should be given jobs in accordance with their education and be sentient of protecting the surrounding environment," he noted.

The Jambi governor is optimistic that the PT Yudistira Energi Group would assist the government in meeting the Jambi people's gas requirements.

Governor Umar attended the meeting along with Assistant II Secretary of Jambi Province Agus Sunaryo, Head of the Department of Industry and Trade of Jambi Province Ariansyah, Head of Jambi Provincial One-Stop Integrated Licensing Service and Investment Service Imron Rosyadi, Head of Promotion of Jambi Province BPMPTSP Katamso, Head of Economic Bureau and Natural Resources of Jambi Province Muktamar Hamdi, as well as Head of the Jambi Province Public Relations and Protocol Bureau, Johansyah.

Operational Manager Fujianto representing PT Yudistira Energi Group was and representatives from PT Jambi Indoguna Internasional (JII), BUMD Jambi Province, were also present at the meeting.

Governor Umar remarked that the Jambi provincial government had remained open to firms seeking cooperation with the local government.

Presently, Jambi's six districts and cities that have oil- and gas-producing land include Jambi City, Muarojambi District, Batanghari, Sarolangun, West Tanjungjabung, and East Tanjungjabung.

The cooperation between PT Yudistira Energi and the Jambi provincial government is projected to offer mutual benefits to the two sides, boost public welfare in Jambi Province, and usher in a brighter future.

The governor added that the Jambi provincial government had welcomed investors from diverse fields to advance the province and enhance the welfare of the community.

PT Yudistira Energi Group's operational manager elaborated that the company was keen on tapping into Jambi's gas potential.

"Yudistira Energi is a national private company operating in the energy sector by processing natural gas into LPG, condensate, and lean gas as an energy source," he stated.

PT Yudistira Energi has channeled its investment into constructing and operating refineries at different locations, including the Cilamaya LPG Plant in Karawang, Tambun LPG Plant in Bekasi, Pondok Tengah Bekasi LPG Plant, and Mudi Sukowati LPG Plant in Tuban, West Java. EDITED BY INE