Pasaman Barat holds re-vote at nine polling stations

Pasaman Barat holds re-vote at nine polling stations

Voters observed list of candidates before the re-voting process in a polling station in Lingkuang Aua, Pasaman subdistrict, West Pasaman district on Saturday (27/4/2019). (ANTARA)

Simpang Empat, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - The General Election Commission (KPU) of West Pasaman District, West Sumatra, conducted the process of re-voting at nine polling stations (TPS) in three sub-districts on Saturday.

"The nine polling stations are spread across three sub-districts. The re-voting process was held in the sub-districts of Pasaman, Lembah Melintang, and Ranah Batahan," head of the commission of West Pasaman, Alharis remarked here on Saturday.

Alharis noted that re-voting was conducted at four polling stations (TPS) in Pasaman Sub-district: TPS 50 Lingkuang Aua, TPS 16 in Air Gadang, TPS 16 in Lingkuang Aua, and TPS 31 in Lingkuang Aua.

A re-vote was held at TPS 75 in Lembah Melintang Sub-district and TPS 09 in Ujung Gading, while in Ranah Batahan Sub-district, re-voting was held at TPS 05 and TPS 31 in Batahan.

He elaborated that the re-vote was conducted after voters from outside West Pasaman had cast invalid votes along with a host of other irregularities.

"Re-voting was held in accordance with the West Pasaman Election Supervisory Agency's recommendation on Monday (Apr 22)," he noted.

Alharis claimed to have made necessary arrangements for re-voting, including putting forth a request for logistics to the General Elections Commission through the West Sumatra Provincial KPU.

During re-voting, the commission will conduct stage-wise implementation akin to those followed in the electoral process earlier.

The re-voting process will kick off with the distribution of C6 forms or the summons to decide on the stages of voting at nine polling stations as suggested by the Election Supervisory Body.

A total of 255 people comprising 128 men and 127 women are included on the Final Voters List (DPT) of TPS 50 in Aua Kuniang, while TPS 16 Nagari Aia Gadang enlists 290 people constituting 135 men and 155 women.

In the meantime, TPS 16 Nagari Lingkuang Aua lists 248 voters comprising 127 men and 121 women, while TPS 31 in Lingkuang Aua enlists 275 voters comprising 132 men and 143 women.

TPS 75 in Ujung Gading Village, Lembah Melintang Sub-district, contained 259 people comprising 123 men and 136 women, whereas the TPS 09 in Ujung Gading enlists 185 voters, with 73 men and 112 women.

Furthermore, 135 people constituting 69 men and 66 women were included on the voters list at TPS 130 in Ujung Gading.

TPS 05 in Batahan Ranah, Batahan Sub-district, had as many as 126 voters comprising 60 men and 69 women, while a total of 240 people comprising 121 men and 119 women were included on the list of voters at TPS 31 in Batahan.