Revoting at Jayawijaya's 12 polling stations guarded by 250 personnel

Revoting at Jayawijaya's 12 polling stations guarded by 250 personnel

Security personnel were deployed to polling station 051 following a ruckus that hinder the ballot counting. (ANTARA News Papua/Marius Frisson Yewun)

Wamena (ANTARA) - Some 250 additional joint personnel of the Indonesian Military and Police were assigned for guarding or overseeing the revoting held across 12 polling stations in Jayawijaya District, Papua, on Saturday.

Jayawijaya Police Chief AKBP Tonny Ananda Swasaya noted in Wamena, Jayawijaya District's capital city, on Saturday, that the revoting was held despite glitches at several polling stations.

"For the revoting conducted by the General Election Commission at 12 polling stations, some 250 people were aided by the Kodim (Military District Command) and Battalion," he revealed.

The police chief has made assurance that the authorities were able to thwart some individuals creating a ruckus at polling station 051, near SMA 1 Wamena.

"It was a problem created by figures of political parties that escalated tensions by getting along their respective masses. The situation worsened to the a point of a clash breaking out, though it was brought under control," he noted.

Antara reported that the voting process across the polling stations went safely until the stage of calculation.

However, reports emerged from polling station 051 of the ballot counting at the voting venue being hindered by some inebriated individuals rioting and stalling the process.

Consequently, logistics, polling station officers, and witnesses from these polling stations were moved to the office of General Election Commission on Jalan Pendidikan to continue with the counting process.