The judge's decision also rejected the applicant's request in its entirety
Ambon (ANTARA) - The Ambon District Court's two judges dismissed pretrial pleas put forth by Yudi Rusdianto and Yuli Susanti during separate trials against the Maluku Regional Police Chief and Ambon Island Police Chief and Pp Lease.

"The two applicants filing the pretrial lawsuit had been taken into police detention for alleged gambling on February 26, 2019," Head of the Ambon Police Public Relations and Pp Lease Ipda Julkisno Kaisupy stated in Ambon on Saturday.

The pretrial request centered on the illegitimate determination of the suspect, arrest, detention, search, and confiscation linked to gambling in line with Article 303 of the Criminal Code.

Kaisupy noted that after the week-long trial, Judge Jimmy Wally, through his decision number 02/Pidpra/2019/PN.Amb, dismissed the pretrial petition that Rusdianto had filed.

Through the pretrial verdict number 03/Pidpra/2019/PN.Amb, Ambon District Court Judge Philip Panggalila dismissed the claim of petitioner Susanti, challenging the Maluku Regional Police Chief and Ambon Police Chief.

"Moreover, the judge decided to wholly dismiss the applicant's plea," Kaisupy noted.

The Maluku police chief and Ambon Police Resort legal team attended the hearing presided over by District Police Chief of the Regional Police Pol. S. Harno, Herlina Kaya, Max Manusiwa, Ipda Barry Talabessy, and Ipda Yefta Malasa along with two Bripka men.

Susanti and Rusdianto were taken into police custody on February 26, 2019, at around 11:30 p.m. WIT, from the second floor of Fujima Building, Jalan Yan Pais, Sirimau District, Ambon City.

On the basis of the arrest made by Ambon Regional Police members for committing the crime of gambling, the duo were caught in the act done using a rolling table media through the use of vouchers bought for some money.

On winning the bets, players could receive prizes in the form of cigarettes in exchange for money readied by Susanti, alias Pingkan, who later deposited and transferred profits earned in gambling to Rusdianto.

Moreover, the police have detained the duo to face legal proceeding in line with the applicable law.

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