Jakarta (ANTARA) - For the fifth year, Perum National News Agency (LKBN) Antara) agreed on cooperation relating to reporting and producing content for the PT Armed Forces Social Insurance of the Republic of Indonesia (Asabri).

"We will act as the organizing media partner for various Asabri events, especially during the renovation of houses of retired military personnel, construction of clean water facilities, and other Asabri activities," said LKBN Sales and Marketing Manager Antara Handry M. Wiranto after the LKBN Antara and Asabri meeting in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Besides inviting and choosing other media for each Asabri program, Antara also has the authority to choose the content—more specifically the issues and agendas for the Asabri program—to ensure it has good news value.

"For example, it can't just be a ceremony; like yesterday, at the Indonesian border with Papua New Guinea, we had an event about border guards. News like this is interesting," said Diah Kusumawardani Wihayanti, content and marketing staff of LKBN Antara.

This year's cooperation between Antara and Asabri is not only related to corporate communication that will focus on branding images but will also extend to more commercial ones by utilizing Integrated Media and Communication Services (IMCS) owned by Antara such as Antaranews.com, iMedia, LED, Videotron, etc. which have spread to government offices such as the vice president's office and various other ministry offices.

"If there is a short video about Asabri, we will make the content, edit the video, and then broadcast it on the various IMCS that we have," Wihayanti said.

Director of HR and General PT Asabri Herman Hidayat said that the collaboration with Antara, which has been successfully taking place for five years, has made Asabri popular among the wider community, and helped it win five medals at the BUMN Marketeers Award.

"We succeeded in winning a medal for being the Most Promising Company in the Marketing, Entrepreneurial, Branding Campaign, Tactical Marketing, and Strategic Marketing categories," Hidayat said.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Suharto
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