Lebak (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Tourism is harboring high hopes of the annual ritual of "Seba Baduy" highlighting the unique cultural values of the secluded Baduy tribe making Banten Province a world tourism destination.

"The Seba Baduy celebration in Banten makes it an attractive and unique tourism destination in the country," Secretary of Deputy of Archipelago Tourism Development Muslim Mumus remarked here on Monday.

During the ceremony, the Baduy community from the outer and inner tribes will walk several hundred kilometers as part of a pilgrimage.

Seba Baduy has been included on the agenda of "100 Wonderful of Event 2019" by the tourism ministry.

Mumus believes that the Seba Baduy ceremony can boost foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia.

Seba Baduy is a tradition that has been fervently preserved for centuries and still followed until this day.

The Seba Baduy ceremony was organized to maintain sound relations between the local government and Baduy people.

During the ceremony, the Baduy people also make offerings of different types of fruits, vegetables, and other crops as gifts to the local government as a mark of gratitude for the abundant blessings of God, the Almighty.

"Preservation of the tradition as the nation's cultural assets is important," Mumus reiterated.

Mumus stated that the tourism ministry had called on the Lebak district head for developing and preserving Seba Baduy in Banten to make it an annual tourism destination.

He remarked that the traditional ceremony can draw more foreign tourists and boost the local economy.

Moreover, Baduy handicrafts, comprising woven cloth, koja bags, and other souvenirs, have made inroads into the market.

"We believe that Seba Baduy can drive the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia," he affirmed.

In the meantime, Sarim, 12, a member of the Baduy community from the outer tribes, was delighted to have successfully completed the 180-kilometer-long pilgrimage on foot.

Reporter: Mansyur / Azis Kurmala
Editor: Bambang Purwanto
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