Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry (KKP) cooperated with the Association of Fisheries Pole & Line and Handline Indonesia (AP2HI) to promote a sustainable tuna industry to various international forums.

"As the largest tuna producing country in the world, we are committed to developing the tuna industry in sustainable and responsible ways," said KKP Secretary General Nilanto Perbowo in a statement received in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Perbowo added that Indonesia had successfully combated illegal fishing.

To support this business, the AP2HI and the KKP will introduce Indonesian tuna at the Global Seafood Expo in Brussels on May 8, 2019, he continued.

Meanwhile, Chair of the AP2HI, Janti Djuari, stated that more than 30 members of the association had signed the association's code of ethics to implement sustainable practices.

"They are actively involved in fisheries improvement programs and preparing for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification," Djuari stated.

Indonesia is currently recognized as the biggest tuna fish producer in the world, and has become a global leader. The volume of catch of skipjack tuna and yellowfin using the pole-and-line and handline methods is estimated to reach more than 100,000 tons of fish every year.

In 2017, the total export value of ready-made tuna and frozen filet tuna originating from Indonesia amounted to 425 million US dollars with an average growth of more than 12.5 percent, as compared to 2016.

Previously, Indonesia's National Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW) Coordinator, Abdi Suhufan, said that consumers of export destination countries such as America and Japan were very concerned about the tuna traceability from Indonesia.

Suhufan pointed out that the regions, which have tuna export commodities such as Maluku, could be supported and urged the Maluku Provincial Government to improve the development of small fishermen as they were the main actors of the tuna industry in eastern Indonesia.

"The Maluku Maritime and Fisheries Agency must be proactive in helping small fishermen get the Evidence of Fishing Vessels as export documentation, especially for tuna exports to America," he concluded.

Translator: M Razi / Azis Kurmala
Editor: Suharto
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