Jakarta (ANTARA) - For Syahrul Ramadhan (18), who recently got accepted into the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI), dreams really do come true. After all, Ramadhan, the son of a welder, got through the entrance exam of Indonesia's most popular medical college, competing with hundreds of students across the country, and a scholarship, as well as funds to complete this studies. Admitting that the Faculty of Medicine only grows in popularity every year, UI's Rector Prof. Muhammad Anis said, "Even though there are still many students for whom this college is the top choice every year, the selection is very strict."

Arul, who made his way through school with an average score of above 90, did not let the tough admission process dampen his spirit. Nicknamed Syahrul, he took this challenge head-on with perseverance, a burning spirit, diligent studies and consistent prayers to Allah.

"Alhamdulillah, I was successfully accepted at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia through the National University Admission System (SNMPTN)," he said.

However, getting through the college was just the start. Syahrul was more concerned about how his parents would pay for him to continue studying at UI. While Syahrul's father who earns an irregular income and his mother who works as a road sweeper, struggle to make both ends meet and support

two other children, Azman and Neni Marlina, who currently study at a university in Riau.

At UI, not only are the tuition fees high, but so are the costs of transportation and accommodation during the re-registration at the college.

"My mother was forced to use her savings to pay for the accommodation and flight tickets to Jakarta for my re-registration with UI," said Arul, who studied at Bangko 2 Public High School, Rokan Hilir District, Riau Province.

However, after his story was reported by the local media, support poured in from across quarters, with people offering to help with his transportation costs to Jakarta.

On Monday (April 22), Syahrul got his report cards verified at the UI Student Admissions Office at the Depok Campus (West Java) and completed the re-registration process at the UI University Hall.

UI, especially from the Alumni Association (Iluni) of the Faculty of Medicine, and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine also provided him with funding support in the form of the Bidikmisi scholarship. Moreover, UI also completed the easy verification of his report cards and re-registration in the same week, so that he would not need to spend more money on making the Pekanbaru-Jakarta trip yet again.

"All this has assured me that I can complete my studies at UI without being constrained by costs," he said.

Arul currently also has a dormitory for regional students at UI, making it easier for him to carry out activities on the campus nicknamed, "We Are The Yellow Jacket".

"At the beginning of the fasting month of Ramadan I returned home, and after that, I went back to UI to complete everything that had not been resolved," he said.

At UI, financial conditions are not a barrier to being able to study. The University of Indonesia provides many scholarship opportunities, achievement scholarships and scholarships for disadvantaged students.

Deputy Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Bambang Wibawarta asserted that there was no reason for anyone who had graduated and was accepted at UI not to take it up because of the fees.

"We provide cost relief for prospective students and even free for various programs, for example, with Fair Education Operational Costs," he said.

This has definitely helped Arul, who soon hopes to be able to support his parents and later, to serve his native area in Rokan Hilir District, Riau.

"My area needs a cardiologist and an obstetrician. Hopefully, I can become a specialist and help my hometown," he said.

Editor: Bambang Purwanto
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