Siak, Riau (ANTARA) - Riau Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Widodo Eko Prihastopo expressed gratitude over no casualties arising in the riots that led to the scorching of the Siak Sri Indrapura Detention Center on Saturday morning.

"We are attempting to gain entry into the place. The Siak District fire department has put out the fire. Thank God, there were no human casualties," Riau Police Chief Inspector General Widodo Eko Prihastopo remarked during a visit to the Siak Sri Indrapura Prison on Saturday morning.

No casualties were reported, but a Siak Regional Police officer suffered wounds in a gunfire during the incident and is currently undergoing treatment.

The regional police chief (Kapolda) confirmed that his staff were presently in the process of holding discussions with the rest of the prisoners in the detention center to convince them into shifting to another remand center, as the Siak Prison was ravaged by fire.

He noted that some 110 inmates had currently been evacuated to the Maharatu Multipurpose Building, whereas the total number of inmates in Siak Prison reaches 648.

"We will check the actual number," the police chief stated.

Currently, an estimated 34 people, believed to have fled following the incident, are being assisted by the Siak Prison. The officers are chasing those who fled.

The inmates at Siak Rutan went on a rampage and rioted until the building was burnt down on Saturday morning (May 11), at around 2 WIB.

The riots allegedly erupted when the detention officer secured several people suspected of using drugs in prison.

Several fellow inmates objected to this and created a ruckus until the matter ended in chaos.


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