Jakarta (ANTARA) - Treasurer to Assistant of the Youth and Sports Ministry (Kemenpora) for National Sports Achievement Improvement for 2017-2018 Supriyono claimed it was common for the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) to give a "fee" to the ministry.

"Generally, KONI prepares a 'commitment fee' for proposals that are already liquid. As far as I know, officials, who were directly related to the proposal for grant funds submitted by KONI, included PPK (Commitment Making Officials), KPA (Budget User Proxies), verification team, and treasurer," Supriyono remarked at a hearing at the Jakarta Corruption Court (Tipikor) on Monday.

Supriyono testified for Deputy IV in the field of Sports Achievement Improvement of the Youth and Sports Ministry Mulyana, charged with receiving bribe in the form of a Fortuner worth Rp480 million, cash totaling Rp400 million, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 totaling some Rp900 million from the Indonesian National Sports Committee Secretary General (KONI) Ending Fuad Hamidy and General Treasurer (Bendum) KONI Johny E. Awuy.

"I have spoken to Mr. Ending. It has been like that since I entered the Deputy for Sports in 2017, before I was in Youth for the 2008-2017 period," Supriyono added.

Supriyono, who had agreed to giving bribes, said that it was done in agreement with KONI Secretary General Ending Fuad Hamidy.

"The 'fee' I gave was to Pak Ulum to please the minister," Supriyono revealed.

Supriyono also claimed to have received the "fee" allotment.

"I have been given the Idul Ftri holiday bonuses (THR) 2018 of Rp50 million, I have also received Rp250 million money to purchase a Fortuner," Supriyono added.

Speaking in connection with handing over the money, Supriyono elaborated that Ending had contacted him since the assistance to KONI had not come, so Supriyono also suggested that Ending hold a direct conversation with Mulyana, as Deputy IV of the ministry, or speak to Miftahul Ulum to deliver to the minister.

"I do not know why it is not liquid, but Mr. Mulyana had once said that the assistance to KONI in 2018 was perhaps not disbursed. I thereafter suggested that I try to directly contact Pak Ulum, so that it was immediately disbursed to the minister. I assumed that the minister had immediately ordered that Mr. Mul to not be refused," Supriyono noted.

Supriyono claimed that it was common practice in Kemenpora to borrow from other funding sources to meet the ministry's requirements.

"In July 2017, the bill has accumulated until the September 2017 activities. All bills used at the Ministry of Youth and Sports have yet to be paid, as we use several new loans after paying the liquid money. In early 2018, we had conducted activities, but until April, no disbursement was done, so I approached KONI to borrow Rp1 billion," Supriyono added.

Supriyono, among others, used the Rp1 billion to purchase a Fortuner car for Deputy IV of the Youth and Sports Ministry Mulyana, who had asked to buy a new car.

"Many open and close. Lots of loans since the operational budget does not yet exist. There is also still a debt for the 2017 Sea Games activities in Malaysia," Supriyono noted.

Granting bribes to Mulyana was intended to disburse two grants, specifically the first task grant proposal to conduct the supervision and assistance tasks of the National Sports achievement improvement program at the 18th Asian Games and the 3rd Asian Para Games in 2018, worth Rp30 billion, and both supervisory proposals and assistance with selection of prospective athletes and coaches for outstanding athletes in 2018, with disbursements worth Rp17.971 billion.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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