Public should not worry over subsidized LPG supplies: Pertamina

Public should not worry over subsidized LPG supplies: Pertamina

Illust. Subsidized LPG stock for Kalimantan and West Kalimantan. (Special)

Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA) - PT Pertamina (Persero) of the West and Central Kalimantan Region requested the people to not harbor any apprehensions over receiving subsidized LPG since it had increased supplies and stocks, steadily surpassing the normal requirements.

"At the start of Ramadhan, we have added some 150 thousand cylinders of subsidized LPG in 14 districts and cities in West Kalimantan, and during the third and fourth weeks prior to Eid Al-Fitr, 150 thousand cylinders, or some five percent of the normal demand are needed, so the public should not worry," Pertamina Pontianak Sales Axecutive Elpiji, Yodha Galih remarked in Pontianak, Tuesday.

Galih elaborated that for Pontianak City, in particular, it had readied 21,840 subsidized three-kg LPG cylinders at the start of Ramadhan 2019, and in the third and fourth weeks, 21 thousand more cylinders will be provided, or a 3.66 percent increase.

"For other districts and cities, the supply of 150 thousand cylinders had also been increased. In West Kalimantan, the distribution of subsidized LPG reaches 408 MT per day (nearly 136 thousand cylinders), or a nine percent rise, from the normal distribution of 373 MT per day (125 thousand cylinders)," he pointed out.

Galih admitted that as a precautionary measure, the stocks of 60 MT, or a three percent increase in average daily usage of 58.2 MT, had been readied for non-subsidized LPG for the community or users in the middle to upper and middle segments (Hotel and Restaurant and Cafe Business Sector).

"Hence, we call on the public to let go of any worries since the stocks for three-kilogram LPG cylinders were adequate, and we had also increased the stocks for non-subsidized LPG as a precautionary measure to handle the surge in demand," he explained.

Galih vehemently refuted earlier reports of the deficit of subsidized LPG in the Mempawah region.

"Our evaluation indicated no on-field shortage in the Bengkayang and Mempawah areas, even though we have ensured additional supplies for the region," he stated.

Galih revealed that the stocks and supplies of LPG in Mempawah had been increased to 9,520 cylinders at the start of Ramadan, or a five percent rise from the regular distribution, and nearly 11 thousand cylinders will be provided on May 16-21, 2019.

"To reduce cases of fraud, we have forged coordination with agents in the Bengkayang and Mempawah areas and mandated the use of ID cards for purchase of subsidized LPG for the community, while the retailers are also restricted, so that the three-kilogram LPG cylinders are available for the community," he noted.
In addition, his side had inspected Horeka to curtail the misuse of subsidized LPG.

"We encourage the public to buy the three-kilogram LPG at an official base, so that the selling price matches the HET (highest retail price) rather than at the retailer side, since they (retailers) are not the official distribution channels," he emphasized.

Galih pointed to 160 official bases operating in Mempawah District, so the public was encouraged to purchase subsidized LPG from the official base.

"We also maintain steady coordination with relevant agencies in the regencies and cities over the inaccurate target of three kilograms of LPG to Horeka and to also determine the Market Operation points (OP) for subsidized LPG if the need arises," Galih noted.