Gunung Kidul readies 600 water tanker trucks to tackle drought

Gunung Kidul readies 600 water tanker trucks to tackle drought

Gunung Kidul (ANTARA) -
The administration of Girisubo Sub-district, Gunung Kidul District, Special Region of Yogyakarta, has on standby 600 clean water tanker trucks as a precautionary measure to handle drought in the region.

Secretary of Girisubo District Arif Yahya remarked in Gunung Kidul on Thursday that the region was included in the drought-prone area covering eight villages: Balong, Jepitu, Karangawen, Jerukwudel, Tileng, Songanyu, Pucung, and Nglindur.

However, until May 2019, the two villages of Pucung and Girisubo have sought clean water aid.

"This year, we are preparing a budget for 600 tankers to provide water. We are also working with the local water supply company (PDAM) for new installations for customers, and decide turnover hours to ensure continued flow of water," Yahya remarked.

Yahya thanked God that despite the region having high potential of  drought, Girisubo has three water springs  namely  Sumber Sadeng, Pule Jajar, and Kali Puring that could meet the local need of water.

"Only two can be used for supplying water, as the flow is high. Meanwhile, for Puring, the discharge is low, so only a few tankers can be taken," he explained.

In the meantime, the five villages of Kemiri, Kemadang, Banjarejo, Ngestirejo, and Hargosari in Tanjungsari Sub-district have applied for clean water assistance. Some of the five villages have been facing a shortage of clean water, particularly in areas where the water storage has run out, and the water supply from the PDAM is not smooth.

Tanjungsari Sub-District Chief Rakhmadian Wijayanto pointed to the difficulties faced by residents to get access to clean water, as the rainwater reservoir had emptied last month after the rains ceased.

The Tanjungsari district government has readied 125 water tanker trucks to cater to the requirements of the community. The Gunung Kidul Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) too has extended assistance to meet the demand for clean water.

"We have four villages, the other one in Banjarejo Village, managed by the Gunung Kidul District BPBD, to provide clean water," he noted.

He revealed that the Tanjungsari area depends on supplies from water sources around Baron Beach. In addition, there are clean water sources from Bribin, Semanu District.

However, it cannot reach all regions. Oftentimes, the water supply is stagnant owing to the area being located at a higher location.

"For areas near Baron sources, such as Kemadang Village, and Ngestirejo, the water supply is smooth. However, for areas in a higher location, the water supply might be affected," he added.