Pamekasan KPU does not recommend re-election to Constitutional Court

Pamekasan KPU does not recommend re-election to Constitutional Court

Pamekasan (ANTARA) - The General Election Commission (KPU) of Pamekasan did not recommend re-election (PSU) to the Constitutional Court as suggested by Pamekasan Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) for alleged violations in two polling stations in Kadur Village, Kadur District.

Chairperson of Pamekasan District KPU Moh Hamzah elaborated that his side did not recommend the PSU, as the deadline for implementing it had crossed the limit of 10 days since the voting day, April 17, 2019.

"Certainly, the Election Supervisory Body of Pamekasan District had once given us a recommendation, so that the KPU will hold the PSU. However, we had also pointed out during the recapitulation that the time for it had lapsed," Hamzah informed ANTARA during a telephonic conversation on Saturday morning.

Hamzah noted that the Bawaslu and KPU ultimately realized that re-voting could not be held.

"This is since it is past the deadline. It is the authority of the Constitutional Court to conduct re-voting, but through submission of parties that feel disadvantaged," he explained.

Hamzah revealed that the Bawaslu recommendations submitted to the Pamekasan District KPU related to the PSU had become the demand of supporters of one of the candidates from the United Development Party (PPP) in Kadur Sub-District, Pamekasan.

The Bawaslu requested that KPU Kabuparten Pamekasan pen any objections on the DB2 form.

"The problem is that those writing their complaints on DB2 form are not the KPU but the witness having objections. The KPU is the organizer," Hamzah remarked.

During the district-level recapitulation, witnesses from the PPP at Pamekasan at the time did not pen any objections on DB2.

"This is since no PPP witnesses had penned their objection notes regarding the results of PPP votes in the DB2. Hence, the KPU could not possibly submit a separate record to the Constitutional Court," he explained.

Chairperson of Pamekasan District KPU Moh Hamzah further elaborated that supporters of PPP candidates from parties that felt disadvantaged had approached the KPU, so that election organizers can submit notes on DB2.

"At that time, we conveyed that this was not possible since DB2 was a form provided for witnesses and not for election organizers," Hamzah stated.

The explanation furnished by Hamzah differed from Chairperson of Pamekasan District Election Supervisory Body Abdullah Saidi's statement that the matter of PSU recommendations at polling stations 25 and 26 in Kadur Village, Kadur Sub-district, Pamekasan was completed, as Bawaslu had put forth a recommendation that the Pamekasan KPU urge the MK to recommend PSU.

While issuing a press statement to the media and mass representatives of the demonstrators while staging a recent protest at the Bawaslu office lasting for three days, Saidi only revealed that his recommendations had been submitted to the KPU.

However, he did not divulge details that the opportunity for the KPU to urge the Constitutional Court to hold a PSU was no longer open, as no PPP witness had filed an objection on the DB2 form.

"Pamekasan District Election Supervisory Board indeed appealed to the KPU to fill the objection form in DB2. However, once again, the DB2 form was for party witnesses and not for the organizers," Hamzah pointed out.