Padang Pariaman, (ANTARA) -
The Padang Pariaman District Government of West Sumatra has designated Syekh Burhanuddin's tomb as a cultural heritage area which would be used as a religious tourism site, with funding of Rp120 billion allocated from the state budget.

"This is a continuation of the construction of the mosque and Sheikh Burhanuddin's tomb, including four other points from 12 points to be worked on," said Deputy District head of Padang Pariaman Suhatri Bur at Parit Malintang on Saturday.

He added that the construction was carried out at four points, which includes construction of prayer rooms, fences, tombs, and the relocation of culinary facilities to the next settlement, Nagari guardian office, and elementary school.

He also said the central government requested that the improvements be completed before Eid, so it could immediately enter the tender period.

"Until now, we have coordinated with stakeholders at Sheikh Burhanuddin's grave," he said.

He mentioned that only three more points had to be negotiated, and he hoped the process could be completed soon.

He said that the master plan for the development of Sheikh Burhanuddin's burial area was completed in 2016 and is expected to increase tourist visits to the area.

"What is important now is how we finish the administration first," he said.

Previously, the West Sumatra Tourism Office would promote the Basapa tradition, which is usually carried out by Syatarians in Sheikh Burhanuddin's graveyard as a religious tourism activity.

Section Head of Promotion of Event Incentive Conventions and Special Interests of West Sumatra Tourism Office Riza Chandra said her agency had reviewed several regions and ‘Basapa’ had the potential to be used as religious tourism.

"The choice of Basapa is because the tradition has the potential that does not exist in other regions, so the effort is needed so this potential can be utilized to the maximum," he said.

Translator: Eliswan Azly
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