Police detain 99 people at protest location

Police detain 99 people at protest location

West Jakarta Police Chief Senior Commissioner Hengki Hariyadi monitored the situation at Petamburan, West Jakarta on Wednesday (22/5/2019). (ANTARA/Susylo Asmalyah)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Police have, since Tuesday night until Wednesday afternoon, taken into custody 99 people at several points of the location where the riots erupted.

"At noon, we had rounded up 99 people, who are facing questioning at the West Jakarta Precinct Police, and some are also being detained by the Jakarta Police," West Jakarta Precinct Police Chief Senior Commissioner Hengki Hariyadi remarked.

The outcome of interim investigation showed that the detainees were not from Jakarta, and some of them were from Tasikmalaya, Banten, and Flores.

"These rioters are not from Jakarta or Petamburan. This morning, we along with FPI figures and Muslim scholar drove them away," Hariyadi remarked.

He pointed out that most detainees reeked of alcohol so were conducting themselves under its influence.

"We are currently trying to conduct their urine tests," Senior Commissioner Hariyadi stated.

Leaders of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in Indonesia also extended assistance to the police to bring the rioting crowd under control.

The rioters had come equipped with bows and fuel to create mayhem, Senior Commissioner Hengki Hariyadi revealed.

"They are targeting residential property, police, and military," he remarked.

Six fatalities were reported, while 200 others suffered injuries and had to be moved to several hospitals in Jakarta until Wednesday at 9 a.m. local time after a protest staged to oppose the General Election Commission's announcement of the presidential election results on Tuesday.

"According to data received at 9 a.m. local time, some 200 people were taken to five hospitals in Jakarta, while six others had died," Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan had earlier stated.

Investigation and post-mortems will be conducted to ascertain the causes of deaths, he noted.

The governor appealed to the public to not panic and become provoked.

"Maintain order and security. We all need peace. I request all on the field to maintain (your composure) and stay calm in expressing your views," Baswedan emphasized.

The Jakarta administration will foot the bills for the victims' medical treatments.