Padang, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - West Sumatra Province appears set to send certified chefs to Padang food restaurants in all Indonesian regions to ensure that the authenticity of Minangkabau culinary delicacies is maintained.

"We can forge cooperation with the Manpower Office to prepare certified chefs to meet the demand from regions outside Padang," Luhur Budianda, head of development cooperation of the West Sumatra administration, stated here on Thursday.

Padang restaurants can be easily found in almost all parts of Indonesia and also overseas, as the cuisine is among the most popular in Indonesia.

Thousands of Padang restaurants are operating, though some of them are not owned by Minang people but the ex-employees of Padang restaurants.

"There is potential to absorb workers from West Sumatra, especially as cooks," Budianda pointed out.

The certified chefs sent from West Sumatra will ensure that the authenticity of traditional recipes is retained.

In addition, the chefs will guarantee that the food adheres to the halal dietary law.

Budianda believes it would be easier for the West Sumatra administration to work on cooperation with other provinces if they were to have the association of Padang restaurants in their respective regions.

"How many chefs do they want? It is the association that would communicate this to the provincial governments. Hence, our Manpower Office can prepare the chefs. It would be ineffective if we were to only send one or two chefs," he added.

He has urged migrating Minangkabau people in Indonesia and overseas to build the association to facilitate the cooperation.

Translator: Sri Haryati
Editor: Suharto
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