Transportation Minister contemplates on moving Pelni port to Sekupang

Transportation Minister contemplates on moving Pelni port to Sekupang

Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi and Riau Islands Governor Nurdin Basirun chat with passengers of Pelni's ship in Batam, Riau Islands on Saturday (25/5/2019). ANTARA/Yunianti Jannatun Naim

Batam (ANTARA) (ANTARA) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi is cogitating on moving Pelni Port in Batam City, Riau Islands, from Batuampar to Sekupang.

"In future, we will conduct an evaluation of whether it will continue to be here or moved to Sekupang. Several people have put forth the suggestion of Sekupang, and we will assess it," the minister remarked following a visit to Batuampar Port on Saturday.

Before Batuampar, the Pelni terminal was located in Sekupang. However, owing to lack of facilities at Sekupang, the then transportation minister Ignatius Jonan had taken a decision to move it to Batuampar, next to the cargo port.

During his visit, the minister admitted to the inadequate facilities at Batuampar Port as Pelni's terminal.

"The improved alternative here or in Sekupang also improvements have been made," he noted.

In the meantime, several residents whom the transportation minister met suggested that the Pelni terminal be moved to Sekupang, as usual.

"It is far away," Yoga, a resident of Batam, stated.
The Pelni terminal in Batuampar is inside the container port, and no public vehicles are there. Disparate to Sekupang, there is the Trans Batam Bus line near the port.

Moreover, the distance from the terminal to the ship is also relatively far. Residents had to take a bus readied by the manager first.

"Moreover, it is dusty here, with several containers. It is sort of spooky. Once down, one tends to sneeze often owing to the high concentration of dust," Sumi, another resident, noted.

He is optimistic that the government would conduct repair work at Pelni's terminal in Sekupang prior to moving ship services there.