Trans Java Toll makes the southern lane run smoothly : Official

Trans Java Toll makes the southern lane run smoothly :  Official

Traffic conditions on the southern route, Cikaledong, Nagreg, Bandung district, Sunday (02/06/2019). (ANTARA / Bagus Ahmad Rizaldi)

Bandung (ANTARA) - The Bandung District Transportation Office, West Java, stated that the Trans Java Toll Road made the flow of homecoming on three days before Lebaran  (post fasting festivities) 2019 in the southern lane in the Nagreg area, monitored smoothly with vehicles passing normally.

Head of Public Relations of Bandung District Transportation Office, Eric Alam Prabowo said here Sunday the volume of vehicles passing the Nagreg area was dominated by motorcycles..

He suspects that four-wheeled vehicles prefer to use the Trans Java Toll Road in the northern lane.

"So the attraction itself is for people to use toll roads and the government has implemented a 'one way' system," he said at the Nagreg Transportation Office's Main Post, Bandung municipality.

Eric said that travelers who usually return home to a number of areas in southern Java via the southern route, now prefer the Trans Java Toll Road because it is faster.

"People who usually go to Yogyakarta, Cilacap and Surabaya are shifting because they think they are faster to use the toll roads, not to mention being given a discount," he said.

In addition, the number of people's interest in using public transportation is also getting higher. Not to mention many people who take part in the free mutual homecoming program by the government and private companies.

The provincial transportation office  which also does free homecoming transportation, he said, is not only transporting people.

It also provides transportation of vehicles that want to be taken to their hometown by trucks.

Based on the Traffic Counting (TC) data of the Bandung District Transportation Office, starting from seven to three days before Lebaran on Sunday, the number of passing vehicles totaled 188,034 units, an increase of 3.9 percent compared to last year's 130 thousand more.

The number of four-wheeled vehicles and other private vehicles that already passed the Nagreg area totaled 92,052 units. In addition, the number of  mini buses reached 5,045 units and that of  large buses 4,175 units.