Cirebon police tighten security after finding five bombs

Cirebon police tighten security  after finding  five bombs

A police officer secured a suspected bomb on Saturdau night (June 15)(ANTARA/Istimewa)0

Cirebon (ANTARA) - The Cirebon city police in West Java have tightened security around police stations in the city following the finding of five bombs on Saturday night (June 15).

"We are tightening security around police stations including the city police and police precinct stations," Chief of the Cirebon City Police Resort Adjunct Senior Commissioner Roland Ronaldy said here on Sunday.

The city police also instructed all its personnel to stay alert wherever they are.

"We will always stay alert for terror act following the finding of the bombs," he said.

A scavenger identified by his initials as G found the suspected bombs while collecting garbage in a landfill at Sukalila Street in Cerebon on Saturday.

G had earlier brought home the five suspected bombs. However, upon arrival at his house he showed the items to his friend identified by his initials as A. A further said the five items were explosives.

A and G later brought the items to the Cirebon city police. The items were later kept in the front yard of the city police station

"Soon after reaching the city police station, police officers checked the items and declared them explosives," he said,

The bomb defusing squad of the Mobile Brigade Battalion C has taken the bombs to further check