Telkomsel set to offer 5G network in Indonesia

Telkomsel set to offer 5G network in Indonesia

Director of the Telkomsel Network Iskriono Windiarjanto.

Kupang (ANTARA) - Telkomsel, a cellular operator subsidiary of state-owned communications company PT Telkom Indonesia, is prepared to invest and conduct digital transformation to provide 5G networks to customers in Indonesia.

"After introducing the first-time 5G technology in Indonesia during the 2018 Asian Games, we continue to innovate our service by preparing 5G network connections in Indonesia," Director of the Telkomsel Network Iskriono Windiarjanto remarked during a press release received here on Monday.

Windiarjanto noted that Telkomsel, as a leading cellular operator in Indonesia, was tasked with developing the latest communication technology in the country, specifically 5G technology. Telkomsel will adopt the new generation of broadband connections, but several preparations are yet required for the technology transfer process in Indonesia.  

For the technology transfer to install 5G networks, Telkomsel has to prepare adequate devices to build the 5G ecosystem, including a spectrum allocation that is presently under comprehensive study by the government.

"For IoT (Internet of Things) with 5G connection in Indonesia, several preparations are still needed," Windiarjanto stated.

He expounded that significant allocation of spectrum was required for 5G technology. He added that the government had to continually provide some 80-100 megahertz (MHz) of spectrum for each operator in the main band, with a 3.5-gigahertz (GHz) frequency, and around one gigahertz (GHz) for each operator in the millimeter-wave band, with a frequency of over 24 GHz.

As an organization for standardizing the international telecommunications industry, 3GPP has also been readying a proposal for the standardization of 5G NR (New Radio), he revealed.

"Furthermore, for the 5G commercialization stage, Telkomsel is awaiting the government's permission to open the spectrum. In terms of the readiness in cooperation, we have not yet appointed the network partners to provide 5G connections nationally," Windiarjanto explained.

Telkomsel was the first operator to offer the 5G connection experience in Indonesia, through the "5G Experience" at the Bung Karno Stadium, during the 2018 Asian Games event.

Through the activation of the Telkomsel 5G Experience Center, Indonesian society will be able to experience and benefit from the revolutionary communication technology of 5G connection to notably boost work productivity and efficiency.

Telkomsel has introduced varied services using 5G connection, comprising live streaming, football 2020, future driving, cycling everywhere, and autonomous bus.