Fertilizer Indonesia named most creative company in 2019

Fertilizer Indonesia named most creative company in 2019

Jakarta (ANTARA) -
Fertilizer company PT Pupuk Indonesia was named Indonesia’s Most Creative Company in 2019 by SWA Magazine at the Best Outstanding Innovator (OCI) and Indonesia Most Creative Company 2019 award.

In a press release received here on Wednesday, the award was given by SWA Chief General Kemal Gani and Executive Director of PPM Management Bramantyo Ilham to the Head of Corporate Communications of PT Pupuk Indonesia Wijaya Laksana during a ceremony here on Monday (June 17/6) evening.

"This award was achieved thanks to hard work and company loyalty through creative ideas and innovation. This achievement will also motivate employees to always innovate in overcoming challenges in their respective companies," Wijaya said.

Fertilizer Indonesia, as one of the largest fertilizer companies in the Asia Pacific market, is considered successful in creating cooperation between companies in the fertilizer sector in order to increase efficiencies so that the products produced have high competitiveness.

Not long ago, Pupuk Indonesia also won an award from Warta Ekonomi Magazine in the 2019 Indonesia Partnership and Community Development Program  Award: Synergy for Building the Country.

As an Investment Holding Company which houses 10 agrochemical and petrochemical companies, PT Pupuk Indonesia has a serious focus in strengthening the culture of quality and competitiveness through the development of innovation and productivity in each of its subsidiaries.