We had been making some efforts centering on the three main aspects of lifestyle, environmental, and health service
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta health office has channeled efforts on three factors to reduce disease prevalence among people, as an online site for pollution map, Friday evening, showed the city's air pollution among the world's worst.

“We had been making some efforts centering on the three main aspects of lifestyle, environmental, and health service,” Head of Disease Control and Prevention of the Jakarta Province Health Office Dwi Oktavia told Antara in Jakarta, Friday.

Oktavia revealed that the Jakarta health office had promoted a clean and healthy lifestyle aimed at lowering disease risk.

Behavioral changes in the form of leading a clean and healthy lifestyle involves inculcating habits, such as eating healthy, cessation of smoking, exercising, and application of stress management.

From the environmental aspect, Oktavia highlighted the need for environmental modifications, including through reducing gas emissions.

With regard to healthcare service, the Jakarta health office has kept pushing hospitals and community health centers to improve their service quality by conducting clinical governance.

“The hardest aspect of environmental intervention is weather-related. PM2.5 is one of the pollutants of small size, so these miniscule particles may unintentionally be inhaled as the wind direction changes,” Oktavia stated.

Not only Jakarta but also the neighboring cities, specifically industrial areas, should also make efforts to tackle this problem.

She noted that the efforts were expected to minimize the risk of contracting both infectious and noninfectious diseases -- asthma, pneumonia, and blood vessel cancer -- possibly emerging as the impact of air pollution.

“One of WHO's recommendations is that the government should offer universal coverage. In this case, half of Jakarta's people had already been covered by health insurance (BPJS Kesehatan), so they would not face any problems in availing healthcare facilities,” Oktavia added.

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