Ambon (ANTARA) - Commission B of Maluku Province's Legislative Assembly (DPRD) has sought clarity on the status of land that the government would later release to build the Masela Block in Tanimbar Islands District to prevent future problems.

"There is a need for clarity on the status of the land and the state's land, so that it does not hinder oil and gas exploitation activities in the Masela Block," Luthfi Sanaky, a member of the Maluku DPRD's commission B, noted on Monday.

Sanaky called on the need to take this step in connection with the government's decision to approve the construction of onshore infrastructure from the initially designated offshore.

While Karo Law of the Maluku Regional Secretariat, Hein Farfar remarked that in 2015, when it was designated offshore, the local government had released land in Saumlaki since September 30, 2015, but matters could not proceed following the Indonesian president's new policies.

"In fact, INPEX raised us its queries on the status of the land, but the land had to be returned to the owner since during that time, the agreement process was initiated, but the payment had not been realized," Farfar stated.

With a change in the president's policy on the Masela Block, from earlier offshore to then being moved onshore, there is undoubtedly a technical review mechanism that is comprehensive and time-consuming.

Following the completion of all studies, a planning document is to be submitted by INPEX to the Maluku governor in the context of the land acquisition process.

"Indeed, in terms of policy, the Tanimbar Islands district head has offered approximately 600 hectares for the Masela Block infrastructure development site," he stated.

However, a mechanism must be followed in accordance with the system stipulated in Law Number 2 of 2019 on the procurement of land for development in the public interest.

Hence, when the planning documents from INPEX are submitted, the governor will set up a preparatory team tasked with making various preparations in the context of land acquisition there. The mechanism is indeed rather lengthy, but the process must be followed as such.

With regard to Gubernatorial Decree (Perda) Number 03 of 2009 on Maluku Energy, during that time, the collaboration between the regional government and DPRD resulted in the initiation of rules for the management of 10 percent of Masela PI.

However, in the context of efficiency, rules had been formed by the management structure of the Maluku Energy regional company to ensure efficient utilization of the budget, so as to put a stop to a regional government policy and ensure that the executor of the duties was Kadis ESDM. Related news: Inpex asked to accelerate development of Masela Block: Minister Jonan



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