The increase in gold jewelry price is quite significant in 76 cities monitored, with the highest increase of 6 percent recorded in Serang and 5 percent seen in Tarakan and Ternate respectively
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Inflation rate in Indonesia rose 0.55 percent in June 2019, fueled by a rise in the prices of red chilies and fresh fish, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said. The unfavorable weather has caused the prices of red chilies and fresh fish to increase, BPS Chief Suhariyanto said in Jakarta Monday.

Red chilies and fresh fish contributed 0.20 percent and 0.05 percent to the inflation respectively, he said.

The other foodstuff that contributed to the June 2019 inflation rate was vegetables such as tomatoes.

In the clothing group, gold jewelry recorded inflation of 0.02 percent.

"The increase in the gold jewelry price is quite significant in 76 cities monitored, with the highest increase of six percent recorded in Serang and five percent seen in Tarakan and Ternate respectively," he said.

The prices of several foodstuffs declined, stopping the high inflation in June 2019, he said.

Foodstuffs such as garlic and purebred chicken meat and eggs recorded deflation.

The prices of garlic fell 0.06 percent and the price of purebred chicken meat and egg dropped 0.02 percent.

"The prices of garlic began to decline owing to its large import," he said.

The other contributors to the decline are transportation, communication and financial services due to a decline in flight ticket prices.

Flight tickets recorded a decline of 0.04 percent following the government's policy to lower their prices, Suhariyanto said.

"Based on the research conducted in 82 cities, 32 cities recorded a decline in flight tickets. For instance, the flight tickets in Makassar dropped 12 percent and Batam 11 percent compared to the previous month," he said.

The June 2019 inflation brought the calendar inflation to 2.05 percent and the year-on-year inflation to 3.28 percent.

"Until June 2019, the inflation rate was still below the target and controllable since the various programs implemented by the government were quite successful," he said.

Some 76 out of 82 cities saw inflation, while only six cities recorded a deflation, BPS also said.

The highest inflation of 3.6 percent was recorded in Manado, North Sulawesi, and the lowest inflation of 0.02 percent was seen in Singaraja. (INE)


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