Bapak (Mister) Jokowi must engage with all parties to eliminate differences of opinion among the people
Banda Aceh (ANTARA) - Professor of the State Islamic University (UIN) Ar-Raniry Darussalam, Banda Aceh, Prof. Tgk Yusni Sabi advised President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to engage all components of the nation, especially those whose political views differed with his. "Bapak (Mister) Jokowi must engage with all parties to eliminate differences of opinion among the people," he said here Friday.

Maintaining unity among the lower classes is very important for the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) from Sabang (in Aceh) to Merauke (in Papua), according to Sabi.

"The government must be present and counter hoaxes that are disseminated by irresponsible parties through social media," he said.

The next challenge for President Jokowi is that he must be selective about the promises he made during the campaign because many promises are expressed in seriousness and others merely as rhetoric, Prof. Sabi said.

"He once made (promises) which were not visible in Aceh. Hopefully, at the level of the republic, there is no (such promise)," the former rector of UIN Ar-Ranirry said.

Another challenge is to be a professional work team so as to create confidence that President Jokowi is serious in running his second term, he said.

"The population of Indonesia is 265 million people and his staff should be serious. We believe that he (Jokowi) is serious and willing to go down the field, not serving as a noble man, religious, but rational," he said.

Prof. Sabi also hoped that the programs that have been implemented in Aceh would be completed immediately and without delay.

Even if there are obstacles, the people of Aceh are strong enough to support the programs initiated by Jokowi for Aceh, the professor felt.

"Whatever the obstacles, I think the people of Aceh and even the political party become stronger as his supporters because we have felt his work in Aceh," Prof. Sabi said. (INE)

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