TNI catch a man carrying marijuana seeds from Indonesia-PNG border

TNI catch a man carrying marijuana seeds from Indonesia-PNG border

Infantry Battalion PR 328 / DGH personnel managed to secure GS, 32, a young man from Waris, Keerom Regency, who was found carrying marijuana seeds from a friend in Papua New Guinea (PNG). (Infantry Battalion Document PR 328 / DGH)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - TNI soldiers safeguarding the RI-PNG border, Infantry Battalion PR 328 / DGH, caught a young man GS, 32, from Waris, Keerom District, carrying marijuana seeds obtained from a friend in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Commander of the Task Force (Dansatgas) of Pamtas from Yonif PR 328 / DGH Major Inf Erwin Iswari stated when contacted from Jayapura City on Friday that nearing the end of the assignment, his personnel continued to consistently thwart the circulation of prohibited and illegal goods by conducting checks and supervision on all coming to the border region.

"Hence, during a routine inspection in front of Kotis Post not far from the Skouw-Wutung border, my personnel secured a man caught with hundreds of cannabis seeds in his bag," he confirmed.

Iswari reported that the incident took place when the Kotis Post personnel were conducting routine checks on visitors returning to Jayapura City and its surroundings.

"During the inspection, an object wrapped in black plastic was found and on opening it, there were hundreds of cannabis seeds inside ready to be planted," he revealed.

He noted that the culprit was identified as GS, 32, a resident of Waris, Keerom District, and was questioned from where the cannabis seeds were obtained.

"GS claimed that the illegitimate goods were obtained through his friend, who is a PNG resident. There were 128 seeds, weighing 15 grams, ready to be planted. The marijuana seeds were to be planted in Waris and later sold," he stated.

The perpetrators along with the evidence were handed over to the Skouw security post for further processing.

Erwin pointed out that the border area was often a place to distribute drugs from Indonesia to PNG or vice versa, and various modes were often used to hoodwink guard personnel at the border.

"However, I always emphasize to the ranks to be careful while conducting checks on the luggage being carried," he stated.

While serving on the RI-PNG border, Erwin acknowledged that his ranks had secured 21,067 grams of marijuana.

"The Task Force continues to coordinate with all border stakeholders, such as the Skouw security post, Immigration, Customs and Excise as well as community leaders, traditional leaders, religious leaders, and the National Narcotics Agency in Jayapura, to combat narcotics, as we know that drugs destroy the nation's generation," he affirmed.

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