Mecca (ANTARA) - Head of the Indonesian Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH) for Mecca Working Area Subhan Cholid confirmed that it has readied hajj bus transportation service operated for the four second-batch flight groups barred landing at Jeddah Airport, thus ultimately landing at Madinah Airport.

Cholid remarked in Mecca on Thursday local time that though the Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH) 2019 was attempting to lobby the Saudi Government to provide a time slot for the four flight groups to land at Jeddah Airport, but precautionary measures were yet being prepared if the four flight groups must land at Medina Airport.

"One of the measures is by preparing special bus services to take pilgrims to complete their obligatory umrah (minor hajj) at the Grand Mosque," he revealed.

Nonetheless, Cholid pointed out that the bus service will, in fact, be stopped on August 5, 2019, as the buses will be withdrawn by naqabah (non-government transportation authority) for transportation services during Masyair (culmination of hajj rituals).

"However, we have coordinated with naqabah and syarikah for the fleet. We will prepare several fleets to cater to the special needs of pilgrims to complete their obligatory umrah until they return to the accommodation," Cholid noted.

Cholid affirmed that his party had also prepared accommodation for the pilgrims.

"Accommodation facilities have been prepared for certain flight groups in accordance with the arrival schedule," he confirmed.

The four flight groups, after undertaking a long journey from the country followed by the Madinah road trip - Mecca, is projected to be more exacting and tiresome than the fleet that first transits in Medina or lands in Jeddah.

"The time is also very short because they must immediately complete the obligatory Umrah, because the next day they must have left for Arafat. Hence, we will make all necessary preparations along with the sector heads, who will be the hosts of the hajj pilgrims and give special attention," Cholid stated.

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