Stop making cat eater video viral: JAAN

Stop making cat eater video viral: JAAN

Photo for illustration purposes only: A cat being treated by a veterinarian. (ANTARA FOTO/Asep Fathulrahman/GTM)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - A non-profit animal welfare organization, Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), here on Monday called on social media users to stop sharing a video of an Indonesian man eating a cat alive.

JAAN founder, Femke Den Haas, during a telephone interview, explained that sharing the video was unethical and could encourage others to commit similar crimes in order to attract viewers on social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

The animal welfare activist said that Internet users must act wise by not watching the video for entertainment purposes because they have a responsibility to stop the crime and help the police find the criminal.

"Why have the police not yet found the cat eater? It does not make any sense because in the video there were dozens of people. I have no idea whether this act was aimed at seeking attention or the criminal has a mental issue," she remarked.

In order to stop the criminal, Den Haas asked the police to arrest the cat eater and the person who uploaded the video on the Internet.

Her organization, she added, has contacted the police to find the suspects. "Our team is already at the National Police Headquarters," she added.

A video of a man eating a cat alive went viral on Youtube on July 28. The incident presumably occurred in Kemayoran Subdistrict, Central Jakarta.

However, the Kemayoran Subdistrict Police were unsure whether the incident took place in the area because there were no witnesses.