Jakarta (ANTARA) - The medical team of Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are collaborating to provide health promotion and disease prevention education to pilgrims after landing at King Abdul Aziz Jeddah Airport to avert diseases and disorders.

"We always remind the pilgrims. Please rest first, drink water immediately, and spray their faces to prevent dehydration," Faith Kastubi, a member of the Promotive Preventive Team (TPP), noted in a statement received in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The team is tasked with educating and disseminating information pertaining to health and preventing diseases and disorders in Saudi Arabia.

The TPP is supported by the mobile team of the Health Ministry and Hajj Pilgrimage Organizing Committee (PPIH) team.

The team is also assisted by a Saudi Arabian health team, especially in conducting health promotion.

The preventive team collaborated with the Saudi Arabian medical team to educate pilgrims, who had completed "ihram," or the donning of all-white garments.

At another location, they also collaborated to spray liquid on the faces of Indonesian pilgrims while delivering health messages to those lining up to board the bus.

The medical team from Saudi Arabia, with assistance of its counterpart from Indonesia that can converse in Arabic, are using media, such as brochures, for disseminating health education information.

"Washing hands with soap and water is important, as hands can be a medium to transmit diseases," Erwan Taufik, a member of the preventive team, explained.

After boarding the bus, once all pilgrims are ready to leave, the Imam always reminds them to immediately consume food and drinks. At least, these foods and drinks can be a source of energy for pilgrims, who will immediately conduct umrah, minor Islamic pilgrimage.

The Indonesian medical team also took the initiative to print brochures for pilgrims on the bus to disseminate the information. The brochure contains information on snacks and drinks available on the bus.

Suggestions are also offered for rehydrating together that begins with prayer in the brochure.

"The pilgrims are recommended to drink oral rehydration therapy (oralit) to avoid dehydration before embarking on Umrah, as pilgrims from various countries have begun coming to the Grand Mosques," Imam noted.

The second batch of Hajj pilgrims and officers landing through King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah continued to increase.

Until Monday (July 29), over 170 thousand pilgrims and officers had arrived in Saudi Arabia through Jeddah and Madinah.

The pilgrims, landing in the second batch, do not have time to rest and have to conduct Umrah immediately after landing. Hence, raising awareness and education are deemed necessary to prevent diseases and disorders. Related news: Prospective hajj pilgrims should be aware of heat stroke: neurologist


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