INKA currently developing battery-powered tramway

INKA currently developing battery-powered tramway

PT INKA employees in a trial battery-powered tramway. (ANTARA/Louis Rika)

The battery-powered tramway would have run smoothly rather than the one with locomotive. Thus, it will be more convenient to operate.
Madiun (ANTARA) - National railway company PT Industri Kereta Api (INKA) is currently in the process of developing battery-powered tramway as a more convenient and environmentally safe means of transportation.

"The battery-powered tramway will have run smoothly instead of the one with locomotive. Thus, it will be more convenient to operate," President Director of PT INKA Budi Noviantoro remarked in Madiun, East Java, the company’s home base, on Wednesday.

Noviantoro revealed that the tramway prototype had been modeled, and the battery testing process was currently underway.

"The trial run will be off for 20 to 30 round trips to figure out the battery endurance," Noviantoro added.

Noviantoro stated that the brand-new technology tramway was manufactured over the past year. A unit comprised two cars equipped with passenger seats and standing passenger grab handles.

PT INKA has pinned high hopes on this battery-powered tramway becoming a popular choice of public transportation owing to its selling price being designed to be low-priced.

"This tramway is well-suited as the city’s futuristic mode of transportation that is eco-friendly and efficient," Noviantoro emphasized.

Since the tram is yet on trial, its mass manufacturing had yet to begin. After the conclusion of the trial period, the tramway will be launched and marketed, both locally and abroad.
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