This is not a demonstration anymore. This is an anarchist action, and vandalism was everywhere
Wamena (ANTARA) - Thousands of residents of Jayawijaya District, Papua Province, sought refuge at the Resort Police Headquarter and Military District Commander 1702/Jayawijaya on Monday morning (Sept. 23) after riots erupted in the district.

Residents seeking refuge, are not only migrants but also indigenous Papuans, Head of Jayawijaya District Jhon Richard Banua stated in Wamena, adding that security authorities continue to strive to maintain a conducive situation.

Based on observation on the field, several residents, along with their belongings, fled to take refuge at Jayawijaya Resort Police Headquarter and Military District Commander.

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"Concerning the refugees, we are working with the security authority to help ensure that this situation stays conducive, so that all refugees can return back to their homes," he noted.

Banua conveyed that the mass action, in Wamena on Monday, from morning until afternoon, was not a demonstration since the police and other related security authorities did not receive any notification.

"This is not a demonstration anymore. This is an anarchist action, and vandalism was everywhere," he stated.

The head of Jayawijaya District also stated that the exact number of dead and injured people due to the riots in Wamena was yet unknown.

"We have not been able to get data on the number of victims, and we are currently yet striving to ensure that health services in hospitals can continue to run well," Banua stated.

Earlier, some 200 people in high school uniforms went berserk, damaging shops and stores, burning cars and motorcycles, and also reportedly killing several people.

These perpetrators of destruction had also torched local government offices in Wamena.
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