Ministry of Industry creates innovations to attract investment

Ministry of Industry creates innovations to attract investment

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto. (ANTARA/Hanni Sofia/AK).

We continue to simplify regulations and improve public services through SIINas,
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Industry is creating new breakthroughs in industrial development, by issuing policies that can accelerate national industry development and attract investment, through the creation of the National Industrial Information System (SIINas) among others.

The effort is to support the government's priority program in preparing the Industrial era 4.0 which is in line with the direction of the road map of Making Indonesia 4.0. "We continue to simplify regulations and improve public services through SIINas," Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto said in a statement at Jakarta Wednesday.

The innovation and simplification in regulations have been carried out in stages by the ministry, the minister revealed.

The strategic step of the ministry is expected to attract more investments so that it can offer more jobs to Indonesians.

"Based on our data, there are already a number of manufacturers who will carry out expansion and relocation plans in Indonesia. They are the transportation, electronics, petrochemical and oleochemical sectors," the minister said.

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Other priority programs that need to be implemented are accelerating infrastructure development, increasing the competence of Human Resources, conducting bureaucratic reform, and ensuring the use of the State Budget which is right on target and beneficial to the people.

In the Industrial era 4.0 there were several keys to support innovation in the industry, for example, the presence of startups or startups based on the application of digital technology, which was projected to accelerate digital transformation in industries in the country, Hartarto added.

"For example, related to investment in the database or data center, one of which we will push is in Batam as it is close to the Singapore cluster and has the appropriate internet network. This will be Indonesia's Silicon Valley," the minister said.

Then, in another effort to support innovation in industry, the ministry is utilizing cooperation with academics, researchers, and science and technology institutions to build small industries through a program of growing a startup.

The ministry also encourages the transformation of national education aimed at anticipating the development of technology in the Industrial era 4.0.

"Development of Industry 4.0 specifically in the field of education, the Ministry of Industry encourages several things, including curriculum design that refers to Industry 4.0, for example, coding," the minister said.

Meanwhile, from the regulator's side, the government encouraged public officials to understand policies related to Industry 4.0, because technology develops and moves very quickly compared to regulation.

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