IMM calls on National Police to investigate cadre's death

IMM calls on National Police to investigate cadre's death

Students staged a massive protest against several controversial bills in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi Province, on Sept 26, 2019. (ANTARA PHOTO/Jojon/wsj/rn)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Muhammadiyah Students Association (IMM) urged the National Police to conduct a comprehensive and transparent probe into a shooting incident that killed its cadre, Immawan Randi, in a student protest in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Thursday.

"We, all cadres of IMM across Indonesia, express our deepest condolences over the demise of our colleague that may have been caused by a live bullet during a student protest in Kendari," IMM leader Najih Prastiyo told journalists in Jakarta on Thursday.

Prastiyo pointed out that Randi’s death, after suffering from a gunshot injury to his right chest during the clash between protesting students and the anti-riot policemen in front of the Southeast Sulawesi Parliament building, clearly proved the repressive acts of police personnel.

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Raising a finger at the police personnel’s standard operating procedures in handling and managing the massive student protest in Kendari, the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi Province, Prastiyo affirmed that the fatal shooting incident can, at no cost, be tolerated.

He denounced the tragedy and urged the National Police to conduct a serious probe into it, as all IMM cadres across Indonesia will safeguard this case.

Najih highlighted the freedom of expression as a constitutional guarantee for all, emphasizing that the demonstrating students are in no way criminals that can be gunned down at will.

Hence, the National Police chief is called upon to uncover this case transparently and promptly arrest those responsible for the fatal shooting, he stated, adding that all IMM cadres are instructed to demonstrate solidarity in the face of Randi's death.

Commander of the 143/Halu Oleo Regional Military Command Col Yustinus Nono Yulianto stated on Thursday that the cause of the death of Randi, a 21-year-old student from Halu Oleo University's Faculty of Fisheries, remained ambiguous.

"We are yet to ascertain whether Randi's death was triggered by being hit by a live or rubber bullet," Yulianto stated, adding that Randi passed away after receiving medical treatment at Dr Ismoyo Military Hospital.

During the Kendari protest, three demonstrating students also sustained injuries after clashing with anti-riot policemen, who had attempted to disperse the demonstrators.

Kendari is not the only city where students again congregated on the streets to protest the recent passage of the Corruption Eradication Commission Law and other controversial bills.

On Thursday, student protests also erupted in other cities, such as Surabaya, the capital city of East Java Province, and Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Over the past few days, student protests have been held in Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta, and several other cities, including Medan in North Sumatra, Malang in East Java, and Bandung in West Java.

The students demanded that the House of Representatives (DPR) not pass the controversial bills, including the Criminal Code Bill.

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