Beijing (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong, as of Wednesday afternoon (Oct 2), had yet to receive a notification on an Indonesian citizen’s arrest by the Hong Kong police over involvement in unauthorized demonstrations.

In line with the applicable procedures, the Indonesian Consulate General will receive a written notification from the Hong Kong police if any Indonesian citizen is arrested on any grounds, according to an official written statement issued by the Indonesian Consulate General and received here on Wednesday.

The statement was issued by the Consulate General in response to some information and photographs circulating on social media that depicted the arrest of an Indonesian citizen -- a migrant worker -- by a Hong Kong police officer.

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Speaking in connection with this matter, the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong has maintained constant coordination with the local authorities and relevant parties in Hong Kong to assure anew the information on the arrest of the Indonesian citizen.

"If any Indonesian citizen is arrested, the Indonesian Consulate General will provide assistance, so that all Indonesian citizens' rights are fulfilled in accordance with the applicable law," the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong stated.

Moreover, the Consulate General has, on several occasions, issued appeals to Indonesian citizens in Hong Kong to avoid engaging in any demonstration and political activities. All Indonesians in Hong Kong were also encouraged to steer clear of locations where demonstrations are staged and conduct themselves in line with the local applicable regulation.

Earlier, an Indonesian journalist, who works for an Indonesian-language media in Hong Kong, was struck by some rubber bullet flakes in his eye while covering a demonstration in the Wanchai, Hong Kong, on September 29, 2019. EDITED BY INE

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