Over one thousand people affected by West Aceh flooding

Over one thousand people affected by West Aceh flooding

Children in Blang Luah, East Woyla Sub-district, West Aceh District, Aceh Province, played in their flooded yard. (ANTARA/Teuku Dedi Iskandar/FA)

Meulaboh, Aceh (ANTARA) - As many as 1,067 people from 332 families have been affected by the flooding in the East Woyla Sub-district of West Aceh District in Aceh Darussalam Province, as rivers spilled over their banks, triggered by incessant heavy rains in West Aceh over the past two weeks.

The flood waters, which reached a height of some 50 cm, hit 14 villages in West Aceh, Bismi, head of the West Aceh Social Affairs Office said here on Thursday.

In Blang Luah, floods affected 145 people/44 households, in Gunong Panyang, it was 48 people/17 families, in Rambong Pinto it was 84 people/24 families, in Alue Seuralen 45 people/12 households, in Tuwi Eumpeuk 91 people/35 households, in Alue Meuganda 89 people/25 families, in Gampong Baro KB 78 people/20 households, in Blang Makmue 95 people/29 families, in Buket Meugajah 185 people/65 families, in Blang Dalam 191 people/57 families, and in Teumiket Ranom 16 people/4 families.

Three other villages hit by flooding were Blang Luah, Alue Leuhob, and Napai located in the West Woyla Sub-district.

The local authorities and the West Disaster Mitigation Office have provided humanitarian assistance for the flood victims.

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In the meantime, at least eight villages in Siabu Sub-district, Mandailing Natal District, North Sumatra Province, were under the deluge, with at least 500 homes swamped on Tuesday (October 22). Information was being accrued to unearth the exact number of homes affected by the flooding, Harisah, secretary of the Mandailing Natal Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBD), stated on Wednesday.

Hutapuli, Bonandolok, Huraba Satu, Huraba Dua, Tanggabosi Satu, Tanggabosi Dua, Tanggabosi Tiga, and Muara Batang Angkola were the villages affected by flooding.

"Right now, officers are present in the flooded areas to help local residents. Valid data on the damage and losses is not yet available. However, according to the temporary data that we collected, some 500 homes have been inundated," Harisah stated.

Floodwaters had begun to recede in several villages, except for Huraba Village, where roads and homes remained inundated.

Indonesia is currently transitioning from extremely dry to the rainy season.

Most of the country's regions continue to be hit by a prolonged drought that has triggered wildfires and water crises, while rainfall was received in a few regions, including Aceh, North Sumatra, and the West Java Provinces.

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