Prevent mosques from being used to spread hate speeches: VP

Prevent mosques from being used to spread hate speeches: VP

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin officially opened the 2019 Tajug (Mosque) Festival 2019 in Cirebon on Friday (Nov 21, 2019). (photo: Antara/Khaerul Izan/ FA)

Cirebon, Jawa Barat (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin has appealed to members of the community to safeguard mosques from being misused as grounds to spread hate speeches and hostility.

"Lest mosques be used as places to echo curses, hate speeches, and hostility," Amin said in his opening remarks at the 2019 Tajug (Mosque) Festival 2019 in Cirebon on Friday.

A mosque must be protected, so it will not become a breeding ground to disseminate lies, curses, hatred, and bad narrations, the vice president, concurrently chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), stated.

Mosques should become places for narrating positivity and conveying all things good, such as mutual love, respect, and help, he emphasized.

"Lest there are hostile narrations and hatred, we must protect against them. Mosques must reverberate with narrations of mutual love and help," Amin said.

The Tajug Festival aims to spread goodness through especially mosques, he noted.

"This Tajug Festival has become very important since Sunan Gunung Jati had also followed in the path of the Prophet (Muhammad SAW) in spreading Islam through mosques," he pointed out.

Mustofa Aqiel Siradj, chairman of this year’s Tajug Festival, affirmed that the festival aims to materialize Sunang Gunung Jati's will of "I have entrusted (to you) mosques and the poor."

He noted that mosques had wide-ranging functions and not solely restricted to praying but also for preaching and economic activities. (INE)
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