The unauthorized FADs were floated over Indonesia's water territory of Sulawesi Sea which is strongly suspected to be owned by Philippine fishermen.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries secured 12 illegal fish aggregating devices (FADs) in the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone of Sulawesi Sea that neighbors the Philippine maritime territory.

"The unauthorized FADs, floating over Indonesia’s water territory of Sulawesi Sea, are strongly suspected to be owned by Philippine fishermen," Acting Director General of Marine and Fisheries Resources Monitoring of the Ministry Agus Suherman noted in a statement received on Friday.

FAD is a man-made floating device used by fishers to attract and gather fish before they catch them using a fishing boat.

According to Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Decree Number 26 of 2014 on FAD, anyone intent on placing an FAD in Indonesia's fisheries resources management area should possess a license.

"The FADs of Philippines fishers were often placed in the border area, allegedly to catch more fish. This will eventually be a hindrance for Indonesian fishers," Suherman noted.

The KP Hiu 013 and KP Hiu 015 monitoring vessels were deployed to secure the twelve FADs, of which three were caught by 013 on Monday, November 25, while 015 secured another nine on Tuesday-Wednesday, on November 26-27.

As earlier, on Wednesday, November 20, the vessels also secured 12 other FADs at the same location.

According to the ministry’s records from January to late November 2019, a total of 128 illegal FADs owned by Philippines' fishers were secured. Related news: Indonesia has sunk 556 illegal boats: Pudjiastuti

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