Jakarta (ANTARA) - Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and National Military Force Commander Air Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto visited an exhibition of defense products and systems developed by Indonesia’s private defense industry at the Ministry of Defense grounds, Jakarta, Tuesday.

The exhibition was attended by 21 national private defense industry companies that are members of the National Private Defense Industry Association (Pinhantanas), which has contributed to the government's efforts in the path to making the national defense industry self-reliant.

Subianto, also accompanied by Deputy Minister of Defense, Wahyu Sakti Trenggono, opened the exhibition. Various products and systems of the national private defense industry on display comprised submarines, army clothing, drones, missiles and tanks, as well as combat vehicles that are all manufactured in the domestic defense industry.

The exhibition, showcasing various products and defense systems created by the nation's human resources, targeted to build confidence among national private-owned business entities that are able to provide defense products and systems. To this end, the sector should be supported to encourage its growth to become a developed and competitive industry.

Prabowo expressed pride over the abilities of the nation's human resources in manufacturing products and national defense systems.

"I thank Pinhantanas. I urge them to come and demonstrate their abilities, I am very proud," he noted.

The minister admitted to having received an assignment from President Joko Widodo to intensify the role of the domestic defense industry.

"This is for the procurement of defense equipment for the benefit of our defense sector. The deputy defense minister and I have been striving to speed up the process, and we are inviting the private defense industry," he added. Related news: Minister Prabowo upbeat about Indonesia having strong defense industry
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Translator: Syaiful Hakim/Aria Cindyara
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