Meet north China's Xilingol League in colorful, passionate winter

Meet north China's Xilingol League in colorful, passionate winter

Meet north China's Xilingol League in colorful, passionate winter (Antara/AsiaNet)

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XILINGOL LEAGUE, China, Dec. 17, 2019 (Antara/Xinhua-AsiaNet)--

Since ancient times, there have been three popular themes about winter in literary works, namely snow, paleness and loneliness, as the snowfalls pale all dazzling colors and turn landscapes into ink painting scrolls with somewhat lonely feelings.

However, Xilingol League, located in north China, is full of color and passion in winter. Prairie is lively all the year round. The Mongolian Nadam Fair extends the burning passion of summer to winter, which spreads in the ice and snow. Colorful ethnic costumes adorn the majestic white grassland, and the galloping steeds in the snowy plains ignite the winter passion.

Colorful Costumes

The costumes at the Nadam Fair in winter are like the flowers dotting grasslands in summer, adding sophistication and festive joy. The snow-white grassland also seems to be the background board, making the flower-like festival costumes even more impressive.

Winter Activities

During the winter ice and snow Nadam Fair, which starts in December every year, local men will perform the exciting three skills, namely horse racing, archery and wrestling. The neat horse and camel fleet form a beautiful scenery. The snow becomes a drawing board for children to play with melodious pastoral songs fluttering in their ears.

Tasty Food

Xilingol League's cuisine is unique. The Xilingol Mongolian eight unique food is the most classic and memorable feast. Mongolian morning tea, Mongolian milk, sour mare milk, hand-held meat, mutton hotpot, stone barbecue, air-dried meat and butter roll can capture your palate and warm you the whole winter.

The Xilingol Mongolian eight unique food is more than taste and ingredients, but also culture and lifestyle. There is nothing more worthy of expectation than delicious food. People never tire of eating fine food, as the saying goes. The Xilingol Mongolian set meal definitely makes up the most delicious part of the harsh winter life, as it contains local delicacy and warmth for a cozy winter.

Welcome to Xilingol League in winter. One can meet colorful and passionate days in a plain season and experience a different winter.

Source: The Publicity Department of Xilingol League

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