Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Social Affairs Ministry has sent humanitarian aid to flood victims in Jakarta, Banten, and West Java and readied a Disaster Preparedness Team (Tagana) to help evacuate residents.

"We have gradually dispatched basic necessities to the affected regions and simultaneously set up public kitchen and readied Tagana personnel to help evacuate residents," Social Affairs Minister Juliari P. Batubara noted in a statement here on Wednesday.

The ministry has focused its operation on evacuating victims, particularly the elderly, children, and disabled people, he remarked.

Batubara claimed the aid had been dispatched from the ministry's warehouse in Bekasi, West Java, to Jakarta's Social Affairs Office for further distribution in the capital city.

The humanitarian aid, worth Rp750 million, comprised two thousand packs of instant food, 1,800 packs of infant food, 30 million packs of instant noodles, 500 foldable tents, 200 blankets, and 100 pieces of clothing.

Jakarta's Social Affairs Office has already set up a public kitchen.

Likewise, offices in the districts of West Bandung and Bekasi in West Java have set up public kitchens to assist flood victims in the regions.

In West Bandung District, the kitchen was established in Cipeudeuy, Padalarang Sub-district, to cater to the daily requirements of refugees and volunteers at three shelters.

"Logistical support for refugees for the next three days will be distributed further," he added.

The ministry has dispatched Rp1billion of total aid to regions ravaged by natural disasters in West Java and Rp680 million for victims in Banten, in the form of infant food, instant noodles, tents, folding beds, equipment for public kitchen, and clothing. Related news: Public facilities readied as shelters for Jakarta flood victims
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