The national main priority is to strengthen the economic resilience for quality growth
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government has targeted 13.4 percent of renewable shares in energy mix in 2020, Energy and Mineral Resource Minister Arifin Tasrif said. "The main national priority is to strengthen the economic resilience for quality growth," Tasrif said in a statement here Thursday.

The portion would be increased to 14.5 percent in 2021, 15.7 percent in 2022, 17.9 percent in 2023, and 19.5 percent in 2024, the minister remarked.

The number of renewable energy-based power plants is expected to increase in 2020, and its total capacity would be increased by 700 MW to reach 10,843 MW in 2020, Tasrif added.

The capacity would be increased gradually to reach 11,843 MW in 2021; 13,743 MW in 2022; 15,543 MW in 2023; and 19,243 MW in 2024.

Meanwhile, domestic consumption of biofuel is expected to reach 10 million kiloliter (kl) in 2020, and would be gradually increased to 10.2 million kl in 2021, 14.2 kl in 2022; 14.6 million kl in 2023; and 17.4 million kl in 2024.

The national economic resilience, he said, would also be supported by the operation of 52 smelters in 2024, 64 percent allocation of domestic gas use, and Domestic Market Obligation of 182 million tons of the total production target set at 628 million tons in the year.

The ministry has projected that in the next five years oil and gas lifting will increase to 1,953 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) in 2020; 1,984 thousand boepd in 2021; 2,015 thousand boepd in 2022; 2,036 thousand boepd in 2023; and 2,057 boepd in 2024.

"By 2024, oil lifting is expected to reach 743 bpd and gas lifting reach 1,314 boepd," Tasrif said.

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