Theme; Japan-ASEAN Student Conference

Country: ASEAN Countries and Timor-Leste

TOKYO--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- 131 university students who will be a future leader from ASEAN countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and Timor-Leste, are scheduled to visit Japan from February 9th to 18th, 2020 as part of the Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs, “JENESYS 2019” promoted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA).

In the Program, the participants are divided into 5 groups based on the theme of common issues in Japan and Asia, such as “Over tourism and sustainable tourism development” “Foreign Workers” “Quality education” “Food loss” “Awareness of disaster mitigation”. They will visit Tokyo, Kyoto, Aichi, Osaka, Miyagi prefecture respectively, under the common theme of “What the Youths in Southeast Asia countries can do for the peace and stability”, and have lectures, fours of theme related facilities, opinion exchange related to each themes. They will also exchange opinions to find solutions and improvement plans of the issues, as well as to think how they can contribute to Asia and Japanese society and deepen the mutual understanding among students. On an equal footing, the participants aim to create, sustain, and realize the collaborativeness network to slave social challenges. Furthermore, by visiting local areas, they will experience traditional cultures to deepen the understanding of culture, traditions, and life styles of Japan.

Through the program, we hope the friendly relationship among Japan, ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste will be strengthened, and the participants proactively share the attractiveness of Japan which they experienced in Japan after returning to their home country.

[For reference] Japan's Friendship Ties Programs JENESYS 2019
People with the ability and future mission to deliver messages between Japan and the countries and regions of Asia and Oceania are invited and dispatched in order to promote an understanding of Japan with regard to politics, economics, society, culture, history, foreign policy, and the like, and pro-Japanese people and experts on Japan are discovered in order to strengthen Japan’s message to other countries and expand Japan’s diplomatic foundation by having the guests and dispatches take the initiative to spread information about the diplomatic stance, appeals, and other facets of Japan.

JENESYS 2019 Japan-ASEAN Students Conference Itinerary
Theme A: Tourism B: Foreign Workers C: Education D: Food Loss E: Disaster Prevention
Participants Overseas: 30, Japan: 2 Overseas: 23, Japan: 3 Overseas: 30, Japan: 1 Overseas: 22, Japan: 1 Overseas: 26, Japan: 2
Visiting Cities Kyoto Aichi Kyoto Osaka Miyagi
0 2/8 Sat PM Arrival
1 2/9 Sun AM
PM [Orientation]
[Keynote Speech] Tokyo Univ. Institute for Future Initiatives /Project Assist. Prof. Yamaguchi Kensuke
[Ice breaker Session/Introduction]
2 2/10 Mon AM [Workshop]
Rikkyo University,
Assist. Prof. Nishikawa Ryo [Lecture]
CEO Koichi Kakeuchi [Workshop] [Lecture]
Food Salvage Inc.
CMO Hirai Satoshi [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
PM [Lecture]
UNTWTO Japan Office [Workshop] [Lecture] Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) [Lecture]
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) [Workshop]
[Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Tokyo Tower [Workshop] [Workshop] [Workshop]
Hosei University, Sustainability Studies, Pro.Masanao KANETOH [Lecture]
Chiba University of Commerce Emeritus Prof. Fujie Toshihiko
3 2/11 Tue AM [Lecture]
JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co.
Mr. Junichi KUMADA [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Edo Tokyo Museum Senso-ji/Nakamise [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Senso-ji/Nakamise [Lecture]
CoCooking Inc.
Co-Founder and CPO Taichi ISAKU [Lecture]
NPO Nippon Bousai Kankyo Association,
Senior Managing Director and Advisor, Shigeo KONNO
PM [Lecture]
NPO Eco Tourism Japan
Mr. Koichi MORI [Workshop] [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Senso-ji/Nakamise Edo Tokyo Museum [Workshop]
Takasaki City Univ.of Economies Faculty of Regional Policy
Dept. of Tourism Policy Assist. Prof. Shin YASUDA [Lecture]
Tokai Univ. Assist. Pro. Masao Manjome
NPO e-Education
Mr. Taichi kohatsu [Lecture]
Prefectural Dream Height’s
Jishu Boeitai
Executive Director Teruo ICHIKAWA
4 2/12 Wed AM [Lecture]
PASONA Group [Lecture]
Immigration Services Agency of Japan [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Tokyo Tower [Lecture]
Planet Table Inc.
Mr. Masatoshi Mori [Observation]
Sona Area
PM [Workshop]
Teikyo Univ.
Faculty of Economics, Dept. of Tourism Management Associate Pro. Tomomi HANAI [Lecture]
Mr. Kensuke SERIZAWA, Writer [Lecture]
Vent Inc.
CEO, Ryusuke ITO [Lecture]
Tokyo Univ.
Agricultural and Life Sciences Assoc. prof. Yoshio MAKINO [Workshop]
[Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Senso-ji/Nakamise [Lecture]
Nissei Reserch Institute Reserch Fellow, Kim Myoungjung [Workshop] [Workshop] [Workshop]
5 2/13 Thu AM [Move] Tokyo - Kyoto [Move] Tokyo - Aichi [Move] Tokyo - Kyoto [Move] Tokyo - Osaka [Move] Tokyo - Miyagi
PM [Lecture]
Kyoto City, Tourism and MICE Office [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Nagoya Castle Toyota Museum [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Kiyomizu-dera [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Osaka Castle
The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Matsushima Excursion Boat Zuigan-temple
[Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Nijo-Castle [Lecture]
Kyoto Municipal, Horikawa High School
Mr. Akira Nakamura
6 2/14 Fri AM [Workshop] [Lecture]
NPO ABT Toyohashi Brazil Association
Mr. Toshihiko YAMAMOTO [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Kinkaku-ji [Observation]
Osaka Izumi City COOP [Lecture]
Ishinomaki Community and Information Center Director Mr. Richard HALBERSTADT
PM [Lecture]
CEO Isao KITABAYASHI [Observation]
TOYOTA factory Tour [Lecture]
Assist. Prof. Kentaro Shiamda, Kyoto University
Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and
Research [Lecture]
NPO Japan Mottainai Food Center
Representative Director Hiroshi TAKATSU [Observation]
NPO 3.11 Mirai Support
ecoeat Tamagawa Branch
[Workshop] [Workshop]
7 2/15 Sat AM [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Kinkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera [Observation]
Homi danchi Tour
(Guide by NPO Homigaoka International Exchange Center) [Lecture]
Prof. Keita Takayama, Kyoto University, Graduate school of Education, Global Education Office [Workshop] [Lecture]
Sendai City Rengou Tyounaikai Tyoukai
Chairman, Fukuo SHIMADA
PM [Move] Kyoto - Tokyo [Move] Aichi - Tokyo [Move] Kyoto - Tokyo [Workshop] [Workshop]
[Workshop] [Move] Osaka - Tokyo [Move] Miyagi - Tokyo
8 2/16 Sun AM [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Edo Tokyo Museum [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Tokyo Tower [Preparation for Interim Report] [Preparation for Interim Report] [Observation (Japanese Culture)]
Edo Tokyo Museum
PM [Interim Reporting] [Interim Reporting] [Interim Reporting] [Interim Reporting] [Interim Reporting]
[Workshop] [Workshop] [Workshop] [Workshop] [Workshop]
9 2/17 Mon AM [Courtesy Call / MOFA]
[Preparation for Final Report] [Preparation for Final Report] [Preparation for Final Report] [Preparation for Final Report] [Preparation for Final Report]
PM [Final Reporting Session]
[Keynote Speech] Tokyo Univ. Graduate school of Law and Policy, /Pro. Kiichi Fujiwara, The University of Tokyo
[Farwell Party]
10 2/18 Tue AM
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