Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi (ANTARA) - Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation’s (YKAN’s) study indicated that the source of various types of waste washing onto Huntete Beach, East Tomia Sub-district, Wakatobi District, Southeast Sulawesi Province, came from other islands and also neighboring countries.

"The garbage afloat in the sea came from Lampung, Lombok, Java, Ambon, and Maluku until neighboring countries, including Malaysia and Vietnam," La Ode Arifudin, the coordinator of YKAN in charge of stakeholder engagement, stated here on Saturday.

The field study commenced in August 2018, but new sampling was conducted in September 2018 or during the East monsoon season. Furthermore, samples were collected again from October to November representing the transitional wind season.

"Samples were collected from December 2018 to January 2019 during the Western windy season," he confirmed.

Based on the study, the waste mostly came during the transitional windy season, with the volume of garbage on the coast reaching 444 kilograms, while 259 kilograms during the western windy season, and 230 kilograms during the eastern monsoon.

"Overall, the coastal waste totaled 933 kilograms, or some 51 percent," he stated.

Problem solving or waste management at the Wakatobi National Park calls for comprehensive handling and should involve various stakeholders, as the garbage came from various regions.

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