Global conflicts, handled through political and military channels, have not yet been resolved
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin drew attention to the adoption of a religious approach to resolve global social conflicts, as he believes that the use of political and military channels only aggravated matters.

"Global conflicts, handled through political and military channels, have not yet been resolved," Amin stated in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Vice President Amin called for maintaining inter-community harmony, both domestically and globally. Hence, he noted that as the foremost step, Indonesia will be the host in holding dialog between religious leaders from various nations.

"We must safeguard against any problem that can disrupt harmony at the national and global levels. We (the Government) also intend to hold a meeting of religious leaders around the world," he expounded.

During several meetings with ambassadors from other countries and world Islamic religious figures, such as Al Alam Al Islami, Vice President Amin echoed this aspiration that drew overwhelming reception.

Some Islamic religious leaders and ambassadors also believe that countries experiencing conflict could take a cue from the model applied by Indonesia in maintaining religious tolerance.

"I heard from several people, including from the Islamic (World) League and several ambassadors, and they said that the model applied for maintaining harmony in Indonesia can be emulated as a model for interfaith harmony across the world," he stated.

Hence, Vice President Amin expressed hope that interfaith meetings and dialogue within the country would be increased, as it can be beneficial as an initial step for Indonesia to play its role in world peace. Related news: Indonesia lashes out at Israel for hindering Middle East peace
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Reporter: Fransiska N, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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