Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Museum head Siswanto confirmed Prince Diponegoro's kris (dagger), returned by the Dutch government to its Indonesian counterpart, is authentic and matches historical records, stating that Colonel Jen-Baptis Cleerens had taken it to the Netherlands.

"It was clear that Colonel Cleerens had taken it. It was put on the record," Siswanto remarked at the National Museum here on Friday.

Visiting Dutch King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima handed over the dagger personally to President Joko Widodo at the Bogor Palace on Tuesday (Mar 10).

The Diponegoro kris was rumored to have disappeared though finally found at the Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden, the Netherlands. Through a lengthy, in-depth study, the Dutch and Indonesian verification teams ensured the authenticity of the kris.

Historically, the dagger was obtained by the Dutch government after capturing Prince Diponegoro following the great war in 1825-1830. Colonel Jan-Baptist Cleerens then handed over the kris as a gift to King Willem I in 1831.

After the kris was returned, some parties had doubted the authenticity of the object.

Siswanto affirmed that the government will be open to debate on the authenticity of the kris, and each party should present related facts. Related news: King Willem Alexander returns Prince Diponegoro's "keris" to Jokowi


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