That is why I appeal to the public to help alleviate their burden by taking preventive steps on a self-reliant basis.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian House Speaker Puan Maharani called on the public on Thursday to help assuage the burden of paramedical workers in containing the COVID-19 outbreak in the country through self-reliant prevention against the disease.

Maharani lauded the doctors and expressed gratitude to them and other medical workers for staying at the forefront in the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak

"Hence, I appeal to the public to help alleviate their burden by taking preventive steps on a self-reliant basis," she added.

Maharani called on the public to always comply with the government's advice that encompasses washing hands with soap; keeping themselves, their families, and the environment clean; consuming nutritious and healthy foods; taking additional vitamins; and exercising regularly.

"I also call on the public to take a positive stand, work hand-in-hand, and offer mutual help to contain this pandemic since cooperation and mutual help from all sides, including the government, the military, the police, the public and the private sector, is deemed crucial to handle the coronavirus outbreak," she remarked.

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As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020, a total of 227 patients had tested positive for COVID-19 across Indonesia, Achmad Yurianto, the government’s spokesman for the handling of COVID-19, stated.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus rose to 55 from the day before.

Yurianto said the new confirmed coronavirus cases comprised four from Banten; 30 from Jakarta; 12 from West Java; two from Central Java; and one each from Yogyakarta, North Sumatra, Lampung, Riau, and North Kalimantan.

"(The figures are) based on the results of our epidemiology investigation and the self-reliance of the patients concerned. Hence, they are not patients, who come to hospitals for checkups," he noted.

He confirmed that 11 patients, who tested positive for COVID-19 in Indonesia, had recovered from the disease as of Wednesday.

"Cumulatively, the number of patients, who tested negative for coronavirus and can be discharged from hospitals, reached 11," he stated during a joint press conference with the COVID-19 Quick Handling Task Force at the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The 11 patients, who have recovered from coronavirus infection, comprise one each from Banten and West Java and nine from Jakarta.

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